There is no change without action!
Welcome all to PAWS Global 2020.
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We are a collective of talent brought together to support effective, nonviolent campaigns for ecologic and social justice.”

We are happy to announce our Global ’20-21 Training Schedule, including multiple PAWS Seminars, as well as specialized workshops, spin-off classes, organized discussions, webinars and printed materials.

Knowledge is power, information is free.
(Donations appreciated!)

PAWS Seminar, Treasure Island, 2013

PAWS (the Peace Activist Warrior Seminar) is an intensive, composite 2-day course designed to build enhanced peace warriors out of current campaigners, civil projecteers and activists, young and old.
We are happy to bring new activists and veterans together, provide tools in communication and teamwork, and build something all-the-more effective with the current active communities around the world.

Building an organic community garden at Berkeley Post Office Defense

Our successes in California speak for themselves and we’re excited to meet various groups, immersing in cultures and arriving in new political arenas, ready to showcase our aptitude in social development, team-building, application of nonviolent tactics in the organized theater and our creativity!

Strategies for a Better Tomorrow
PAWS Admin Binder, Maps and other items

We are overjoyed to be joining forces with a number of individuals, NGOs and groups, while the support that has been shown has been incredible.
Thanks very much to you all who have come together to make this training schedule possible!

Please look into What is PAWS, What is Black Team, Why Go? and feel very free to hit that Donate button any time you feel ready to show support to what we’re up to!
Our current schedule includes America, France, Hungary, Turkey and Armenia.

If you can come to one of our sessions, or would like a session closer to your local area, please sign up HERE or email the Head Shed for more privacy.

Confidence and Excitement During Anti-Monsanto Action

This is a completely independent education wagon, free of 3rd party agendas, with no entry-fee at the door: An entirely grass-roots endeavor!
Bring yourself aboard and help shape the world we live in, through creativity, nonviolent methods and communication!

Love to the warriors <3